Pipes and Fittings Market in Iran

Purchase and sale of pipes and fittings in Iran. Import and export of irrigation equipment, water, gas and sewer

Our company equipment vendor water, gas, irrigation in Iran.
our products:
Water Pipe
Pipes agriculture
Gas pipes
Pipes for sewerage
Valves and Fittings
Drip irrigation equipment
Irrigation tape
Irrigation central control station Filtration systems
Device manure
Dropper agriculture
Sprinkling of farms and parks
Filter Disc

If you are a manufacturer of these products, please contact us.
Send us your price and catalog products.
Terms of sales announced to us.
In Iran, for these products, mandatory standards is necessary.

Telegram - WhatsApp: +989332455255 - Mr. Googoonani
Email: iran.anaco@gmail.com

We are the manufacturer of these products are:
Irrigation tape
PE pipe for water
Polyethylene gas pipes
If you want to send you our price list and technical specifications, please contact us
We can send you a high quality of our pipes and fittings.
All our products are international standards and the best raw materials have been made.

Telegram - WhatsApp: +989332455255 - Mr. Googoonani
Email: iran.anaco@gmail.com